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Why was Meshwerx started?

Meshwerx was started to bridge the growing gap between technology and face-to-face interaction. Today, in our fast paced viral society, most people are extremely busy with their careers and spend a majority of their time on the internet, email and texting which makes it difficult and inconvenient to meet new people outside of their normal world.

Some basic facts:

Locally in Minneapolis there are currently 1.3 million singles from the ages of 24-64. This is nearly 1/3 of the total Twin Cities population!

  • The Better Business Bureau in the US said in 2009 they received 2,660 complaints about dating services.
  • For singles who use dating sites, 33% form a relationship, 33% do not, and 33% give up on dating online.
  • More than 40% of men admit to lying on their online profiles that they earn more than they really do and make their jobs sound more interesting – while 33%of women do the same.
  • Top 5 lies told by men in online profiles (in order): job, height, weight, body type and money.
  • Top 5 lies told by women in online profiles (in order): weight, age, body type, height and money.
  • 51% of the US population is married which is down from 72% just fifty years ago. It is the lowest it has ever been! Not only are people waiting longer to get married they are also getting divorced quickly.
  • From 2009 to 2010, weddings in the US dropped by 5%. Technology has been a blessing and a curse since it has made it easier to meet large quantities of people on-line, but not the quality most people desire.

It’s reality that most initial introductions and first impressions are now formed through the internet. Unfortunately, anyone can claim anything about themselves which leads to some skepticism about if people are representing themselves honestly.

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