Meshwerx SoleSelect

Meshwerx-SoleSelectMeshwerx SoleSelect is exclusively designed for individuals seeking a highly collaborative approach in selecting their Introductions. Meshwerx will orchestrate a unique “mesher” or mixer event catered specifically for our client with only hand-picked potential connections. Our client will be the sole (male or female) client at the event meshing with up to ten other Meshwerx verified and eligible connections. During the event, our client may select two connections for Meshwerx to coordinate a more private second date.

Individuals requiring coaching on the fundamentals of connecting with others, who are re-emerging back into the singles market (possibly recently divorced) or having a hard time finding the right connection will all benefit from this service.


In-person Consultation

A detailed ninety minute (360 degree behavioral-based) interview with a male or female Personal Consultant at a convenient location of the individual’s preference.

Customized Approach

A precise strategy and course of action based upon our client’s consultation and personal connection goals.

Background Check

A comprehensive report detailing any individual’s prior history of criminal felonies and sexual offenses, as well as providing identity verification.

Mock Introductions or Dates

Simulated introductions or dates with a Personal Consultant designed provide realistic interactions between people meeting for the first time.

Etiquette and wardrobe

Personalized one-on-one recommendations on proper protocols and the latest fashion trends.

Meshwerx Profile Summary

A personalized profile summary is created for you highlighting your personal interests and characteristics. Your profile is submitted to clients prior to coordinated Introductions. (profile example)


Upon confirmed acceptance, the coordination and paid expenses of two exclusive dates and one secondary date with a selected connection including venue, time and any other necessary details.

Prep and Debrief

A comprehensive overview of each potential connection’s personal interests and characteristics prior to the Introduction, and an extensive de-brief after the Introduction to obtain timely feedback and adjust the customized approach and strategy.

Connection References (optional, but highly recommended)

Candid information from two opposite sex resources describing the client’s positive and negative attributes when connecting with other people.


Clients receive FREE admission to any events.


Premier Plan



maximum of 2 Meshwerx (expense paid) prearranged premier date packages and 1 Meshwerx (expense paid) prearranged extravagant second date package as well as in-person consultation, background check, personal consultation (Mock Introduction or Date and Etiquette and Wardrobe), Meshwerx profile and Free admission to all events.

Become a Meshwerx client and let us find you the relationship of a lifetime.