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Top Ten Reasons to Join Meshwerx Free Introduction

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join Meshwerx Free Introduction Today

red-rounded-square-with-number-10-mdBecause you can’t seem to find any Burnsville singles on and that buff guy on FitnessSingles turned out to be a lady.


No more desperate moments when a scammer emails you offering a million dollars, in exchange for your bank account information, and you reply with “only if we can meet over dinner”.

red-rounded-square-with-number-8-mdEnd those disappointing moments when you meet your date and suddenly realize the only thing that impressed you was her Photoshop skills.

red-rounded-square-with-number-7-mdHis profile said he loved Thai, Indian and Chinese, which you soon discovered he wanted a mail order bride not dinner.

red-rounded-square-with-number-6-mdBurn more calories!  One second of kissing burns 26 calories, no wonder those people working with Meshwerx are so darn skinny.

red-rounded-square-with-number-5-mdYou can stop having to ask your online dating matches to email you a photo holding a recent newspaper just to prove their age.

red-rounded-square-with-number-4-mdWhen your It’s Just Lunch representative is surprised that you didn’t find your date compatible because you both checked “camping” on your initial sign-up sheet.

red-rounded-square-with-number-3-mdAfter spending 3.5 hours to complete your eHarmony profile you discover you have “no human matches at this time”.

red-rounded-square-with-number-2-mdWhen you’ve changed your online dating profile so many times the only hits you’re getting lately is from an FBI profiler.

red-rounded-square-with-number-1-mdYou want to be matched with a Meshwerx client who has been hand-selected, screened and background checked.


Join Meshwerx Free Introduction Today.


Meshwerx is the premier executive matchmaking service in Twin Cities that utilizes proven executive search methodology to achieve unmatched dating and relationship results for our clients.  The Meshwerx Free Introduction service allows you to be considered as a potential match for exclusive Meshwerx clients. All introductions to Meshwerx clients are free of charge.
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