Meshwerx Referral Program


How many times have you played matchmaker for your family or friends? Now you can join a matchmaker and get paid for your efforts! Our referral program is available to anyone who would like to refer their single friends to Meshwerx. It is a quick, easy and fun way to add value to your friends’ and family members’ lives while earning additional money. This is simply our way of thanking you for your confidence in our abilities and sharing that trust with your network.

How does it work?

  • Simply spend less than 5 minutes to provide your contact information and submit your referrals. In order to receive payment, Meshwerx needs your contact information.
  • You can submit additional referrals at any time.
  • There is no limit to how many new referrals you can submit while participating in this program.
  • You will receive a referral payment for each new referral you submit who becomes a Meshwerx client. Your referral payment will be paid in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card or you may choose to have your referral fee donated to a charity of your choice.

Who qualifies as a new Meshwerx client?

  • A new Meshwerx client is any individual who has not previously submitted profile information to Meshwerx.
  • In order to qualify for a referral payment, the new Meshwerx client must also have paid for one of the following services: SingleSource or SoleSelect.
  • FREE Introduction members are not considered “paid” Meshwerx clients until they choose to engage one of the paid client service offerings.

When will you receive payment?

  • Once Meshwerx receives payment from your referral as a new Meshwerx client, then you will receive payment within 45 days.

Referral Payouts:

– Per Introduction Plan $30 **
– 5 Introduction Plan $100
– 10 Introduction Plan $150
SoleSelection $425
** One time payment of $30 per new Meshwerx client referred.

Get your single friends connected with quality, hand-selected and screened Meshwerx singles.  This should take less than 5 minutes and we appreciate and value your confidence in us.