Frequently Asked Questions


What is Meshwerx?

Meshwerx is the premier executive matchmaker in the upper Midwest that utilizes proven executive search methodology to achieve exceptional results for our clients. Our verified approach enhances matchmaking to the level of an executive search. Leveraging proven recruiting methodologies such as behavioral based in person interviews, background checks, screening techniques and profiles obtain a complete 360 degree view of our client's backgrounds, preferences and goals. We are recruiting for relationships to connect people and enhance lives.

What makes you different? Why are you better?

  • We provide a high touch and very personalized service to each individual client. We want to understand each client’s personal connection goals and assist them in achieving those goals.
  • We arrange a face-to-face consultation at a place of your choice. We come to you! This ensures no hard sales pitch and gives us the opportunity to focus on learning more about our clients.
  • Unique services catered towards truly connecting people. Whether our clients want to utilize online dating or engage us in an exclusive search, we have services designed to achieve their personal connection goals.
  • Personalized services that are performance based and require minimal upfront financial investment from our clients. This unbundling of services and pricing is EXTREMELY UNIQUE in this industry.
  • We utilize proven recruiting methodologies and processes that have been successfully applied for many years by retained search, executive recruiting and professional consulting firms. 90% of all successful placements made by these firms are through understanding and effectively matching the personalities and goals of the people.
  • We conduct a very thorough 90 minute face-to-face consultation utilizing an in-depth, behavioral-based interview designed to give us a full 360 degree perspective of our client.
  • We have male Personal Consultants who can give our male and female clients a male perspective on Introductions.
  • We take a proactive approach to identify potential introductions for clients. Our Personal Consultants are skilled former recruiters who have been trained to constantly search and identify matches whether it is in a professional or personal setting. Our current client pool does not limit your connections. We don’t wait until someone becomes a client for Meshwerx until we connect you, we go out and find connections whether they are current clients or not.
  • We take a consultative approach and provide specific and direct feedback on existing on-line profiles (Meshwerx ValiDate). Whether it is pictures, content or unique ID’s, we will be provide any necessary recommendations to assist our clients in their personal goals.
  • We care about the safety and security of our clients and we conduct background checks and verifications to ensure our clients know who they are meeting. (Criminal, Sex Offender, Identity Verification)
  • If our Personal Consultant determines during the face-to-face consultation that we cannot assist you, then we will not move forward in the process. We want to work with clients that we know we will have 100% success.
  • We also highly recommend each of our clients provide two Connection References. These references will validate our assessment and lead to greater connection quality. They will also provide insight and credibility when confirming introductions with others.
  • We provide our clients with a basic profile and picture prior to the Introduction (if requested).
  • We listen and provide our clients with specific insight and feedback from each introduction and mentor them through each step in our process.
  • We won’t schedule our clients with any additional Introductions until we have received feedback on their latest introduction. It is vital to our quality to understand every positive and negative nuance in each Introduction.
  • Our Personal Consultants receive bonuses if our clients seek a second meeting with our Introductions. This is unheard of in the industry and ensures that our Personal Consultants are working towards quality connections and not volume!
  • We measure our results! We conduct individual quarterly surveys with each of our clients to determine a weighted-average satisfaction score. We want our client’s experience to be phenomenal and the only way to ensure that success is to measure it.
  • We’re locally based and operated, which means we can quickly do what’s in the best interest of our clients.
  • We make it easy for clients by coordinating, scheduling and providing quality introductions to people that they would have not normally met on-line or through our competitors.

Are you a dating service?

We prefer not to use the term dating service, but we do “mesh” or connect singles as well as we provide additional services specifically designed to help them achieve their personal relationship goals. “Meshing” singles is our primary focus today as we continue to grow and expand into other additional “meshing” areas such as businesses, couples and other future demographics.

Why was Meshwerx started?

Meshwerx was started to bridge the growing gap between technology and face-to-face interaction. Today, in our fast paced viral society, most people are extremely busy with their careers and spend a majority of their time on the internet, email and texting which makes it difficult and inconvenient to meet new people outside of their normal world. Some basic facts: Locally in Minneapolis there are currently 1.3 million singles from the ages of 24-64. This is nearly 1/3 of the total Twin Cities population!
  • The Better Business Bureau in the US said in 2009 they received 2,660 complaints about dating services.
  • For singles who use dating sites, 33% form a relationship, 33% do not, and 33% give up on dating online.
  • More than 40% of men admit to lying on their online profiles that they earn more than they really do and make their jobs sound more interesting – while 33%of women do the same.
  • Top 5 lies told by men in online profiles (in order): job, height, weight, body type and money.
  • Top 5 lies told by women in online profiles (in order): weight, age, body type, height and money.
  • 51% of the US population is married which is down from 72% just fifty years ago. It is the lowest it has ever been! Not only are people waiting longer to get married they are also getting divorced quickly.
  • From 2009 to 2010, weddings in the US dropped by 5%. Technology has been a blessing and a curse since it has made it easier to meet large quantities of people on-line, but not the quality most people desire.
It’s reality that most initial introductions and first impressions are now formed through the internet. Unfortunately, anyone can claim anything about themselves which leads to some skepticism about if people are representing themselves honestly.

How do you measure your client’s success?

Some of our competitors measure success simply by the number of dates they arrange for you. Meshwerx measures success based upon your direct feedback. Since each member has a different set of expectations and personal relationship goals, it is difficult to maintain one specific measurement. However, the one constant is your satisfaction level. We survey our members anonymously on a quarterly and annual basis based on a weighted average survey that measures their individual experience with Meshwerx. These surveys are tabulated to one specific satisfaction score. Our commitment to uncompromising quality and service dictates that our score must always be above 90%.

How many members do you currently have right now?

Our membership continues to grow by leaps and bounds and because of our recruitment industry background we are always conducting consultations and accepting new members. Our short-term goal is to reach over 1,000 local members and we feel we are well on our way! However, we do not wait for other clients to join before we can begin to identify connections for you. Meshwerx is not like other competitors who are based on matching clients within their existing pool. This is limiting based on timing and the size of the existing pool. We utilize our networks within the Twin Cities to identify, screen and connect our clients to others who will achieve their personal connection goals.

How long will it take for you to coordinate my first Introduction?

It varies for each individual, because we focus on each client’s personal connection goals and our approach is to identify quality connections that achieve those goals. Our normal process will usually take between 15-45 days depending on the desired connection results. We want to make sure we’ve identified and screened the best possible connections for you, as opposed to quickly matching you with little or no thought.

If it takes 15-45 days for my first Introduction, when does my membership period begin?

You membership period begins on the day of your first Introduction. Your credit card will be charged after we have conducted our face-to-face consultation and performed a background check. Once your payment is received we can begin our proactive process to identify connections for you, but your membership period will not begin until the day of your first Introduction.

Why wouldn’t I want to just remain as a “free” client of Meshwerx, as opposed to paying?

We work on behalf of our paid clients to proactively identify connections for them. We are always searching and identifying new connections who will achieve their goals. If your profile meets our client’s personal connection goals, then we will contact you to potentially arrange an Introduction, however, we are not actively pursuing connections for our “free” clients.

Why do I need to meet with you in person?

It is an essential and non-negotiable part of our process that ensures our quality. It enables us to perform a behavioral-based consultation and really get to know and understand your background, history, personality and goals. We will not allow anyone into our Meshwerx community without meeting the person face-to-face.

Where are your offices?

Meshwerx is operated virtually in order to provide our clients with the best quality service while offering unique pricing plans. Our offices are virtual, because we are constantly meeting new clients and identifying new connections for our clients. You can’t effectively meet new clients and connections sitting in the office all day. It is amazing the number of unique people you meet each day while actively being out networking!

Since the company is new, should I be concerned about the longevity?

Meshwerx is new, but our processes and methodologies have been used for decades in the recruiting and search industry. Our founding partners  spent the last 10 years researching and identifying better ways to connect people and we believe based upon feedback from a wide range of individuals that we are headed in the right direction. Also, our founding partners helped to design this company as if they were the customer, and our President is a customer! Our commitment to quality and service is apparent in every action we take.