Why Meshwerx?

Our commitment to quality service is uncompromising.

Our commitment to quality service is uncompromising.

Focused Attention

We take a proactive approach to identify potential connections for our clients. Our Personal Consultants are skilled former recruiters who have been trained to constantly search and identify matches whether it is in a professional or personal setting. Our current client pool does not limit your connections.

When you become a client, your only options are not limited to our member pool. We also go out and find possible connections for you.

Commitment to Success

Many of us have sought out matchmakers in the past. But have come to the realization that many times it is not a two way match. We take pride in finding you a mutual connection. Our Personal Consultants receive bonuses on achieving your desired results! In order to ensure quality, we bonus our Personal Consultants if our client seeks a second meeting with our connection after the initial Introduction. Identifying the right connections is vital to our continued success. This type of bonus is unheard of in the industry and ensures that our Personal Consultants are working towards quality connections and not volume.

Unique Services

We provide unique services catered towards truly connecting people. Whether our clients want to utilize online dating or engage us in an exclusive search, we have services designed to achieve their personal connection goals.

Transparent Pricing Options

Our innovative and customized services require minimal upfront financial commitment from our clients. Our pricing options are 100% transparent and never a surprise to any individual seeking to engage us. Every Meshwerx client always pays the same price for the service selected! This unbundling of services and pricing is EXTREMELY UNIQUE in this industry.

Strategic Approach

We utilize proven recruiting processes and methodologies that have been successfully applied for many years by retained search, executive recruiting and professional consulting firms. 90% of all successful placements made by these firms are through a comprehensive understanding and proper matching of the personalities and goals of the people. In the recruiting industry, it is essential to be able to effectively source, identify and screen quality individuals and our processes reflect those fundamentals.

No Hard Sell

We arrange a face-to-face consultation at a location of your choice. We come to you!  This ensures no hard sales pitch and gives us the opportunity to focus on learning more about our clients in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Initial Consultation

We conduct a very thorough 90 minute in-person consultation utilizing an in-depth, behavioral-based interview designed to give us a full 360 degree perspective of our client.  We want to make sure we know you as well, if not better, than you know yourself!

Security Comes First

We care about the safety and security of our clients. We conduct background checks and verifications to ensure our clients and potential connections represent honesty and overall integrity. (Criminal, Sex Offender, Identity Verification)


We also highly recommend each of our clients provide two Connection References. These opposite sex references will validate our assessment and lead to greater connection quality. They will also provide insight and credibility when confirming Introductions with others. You can see what other males or females say about this connection!

Balanced Perspective

We have male and female Personal Consultants who can give our clients a well-rounded view on their personal Introductions.  Sometimes you really want both perspectives on a connection before and after your Introduction.

Recent and Quality Information

We provide our clients with a Meshwerx Profile Summary (which includes pictures) prior to an introduction. Sometimes you want to know a little more about a person before your introduction!