About Meshwerx

Time is precious, but especially when balancing your dating life with a demanding career.

“Time is precious, but especially when balancing your dating life with a demanding career.”

Our expertise and experience

As co-founders and employees of Meshwerx, we have a combined 50 years of successful and proven experience in the recruitment and search industry. We have spent years identifying highly sought individuals for Fortune 50, 100 and 500 organizations that seek the “right fit” of tangible and intangible skills in their next executive hire. As trusted and successful recruiters, we have collectively honed our recruitment and interview expertise by using proven methodology and process that’s necessary to successfully match individuals and companies.

How we measure success

  • Extensive Network. We have a network of 1,000+ and growing local free members who are screened and eligible to be connected with Meshwerx clients.
  • Client satisfaction. 88% of our introductions lead to a second meeting.
  • Targeted, efficient approach. 61% of our clients only need three dates (or less) to achieve their connection goals.

How we achieve results

  • Achieving Client Goals. Our Meshwerx Personal Consultants are rewarded based upon continued or successive dates following the initial introduction.  If our client goes out with our “hand-picked” connection more than once, the Personal Consultant is rewarded for achieving the client’s desired goals.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Quarterly client satisfaction interviews help us to be razor focused on our client’s needs. We currently maintain a 94.6% client satisfaction score.
  • High quality referrals. Our clients are the most important people to us. We rely on their satisfaction to help our network and our business grow. Additionally, our Referral Program pays both clients and non-clients for exceptional referrals.